Online Computer Repair Services – Advantages of Online PC Repair Services

In today’s time and age, computer repairs have expanded their options to online services already. If you are too lazy to tow your computer in a Glendale AZ PC repair shop like you usually do, you can have your computer fixed through a computer repair online service instead.

Many repair online services a “free or fix it policy”, which means that you will not pay them unless they were able to fix your computer problems.

However, this may be the most convenient way to repair your computer; they are quite limited in their capabilities to solve other more serious computer problems.

Some of the common types of repair jobs available online include system tune-up, driver issues, spyware and virus removal, internet issues and registry issues.

Repair Windows XP Online

A computer with Windows XP has a lot of remote support options that are connected to it. Some of these include the inbuilt Remote Desktop Connection Protocol or RDP that allows you to facilitate Control Panel, System, Remote Tab, and other options under it.

You can even do it yourself by using a free program called VNC or other commercial products like PCAnywhere. Just make sure you have an appropriate firewall pinhole configuration on your DSL broadband connection that will permit a remote support engineer the right of entry to your computer.

Repair Windows Vista Online

One of the easiest ways in repairing a Windows Vista is also the use of RDP. However, there are little changes that you need to add on from the instructions listed above under the Windows XP. These changes are in the security settings, under Control Panel, through User Properties since the remote support engineer will not be able to view the same screens shown on a Windows XP due to these improved security settings.

Computer Tune Up and Repair

Generally each computer needs a customary tune up every 6 to 12 months, which can even save you time and effort in the computer repair unit. All you have to do is look for online computer repair services or any DIY online support that allows you to have your computer tuned up and repaired.

This will even cost you less than taking your computer into a computer repair shop.